Noam Chomsky was right. You really don’t know what’s happening.


. . . And those of you fighting on the left have been brainwashed into thinking socialism and communism are better than our own constitutional republic. Although Chomsky, who is a progressive liberal to the point of being a socialist, I don’t think meant it in a way that’s good for anyone but liberal socialists.

Well, I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but everyone is losing their ever-fucking minds. Really. Gone. Poof. There are only a very, very few rational and logical people left roaming your neighborhood, your community, your county, your state, and your country. This may come as quite of a shock, and be greatly unsettling – but I care enough to come clean with what’s going on, so please listen. I hope you’re not one of the ones who’s fallen prey to the great Mind Sucking that has cleverly, strategically, efficiently, and unexpectedly brainwashed a large majority. Yes, I said brainwashed. And that’s exactly what I mean. I’m not going to mollify this.


Let’s start with the media

So, look. In the “old days,” newspapers, radio stations, magazines, and television stations had a moral obligation to their communities, readers, viewers, and listeners to report on the facts. Reputable reporters worked tirelessly to ensure every fact, every statement, and every source was validated and, most of all, accurate. And that included perception of meaning and intent. The most mortifying thing for a reporter or a journalist to have had to do was issue a retraction. Issuing a retraction was a sure-fire black jumbo Sharpie mark on the reporter’s record for accuracy and thoroughness. A good reporter was devastated if a story he covered was greatly misconstrued by those who read it, with an eminent end to his career if he led the public at large to the wrong conclusion. Therefore, as a result of this fanatical, moral conviction to seek out, validate, and report the truth, obligated to, and vehemently passionate about, being for the people, the public came to trust the media; in fact, the journalism ethics and standards requires (not past-tense, it still does) reporters to be both objective and truthful. Somehow – and somewhere – along the way, that unfortunately was eradicated from the moral fabric of reporters.  It died away fast, and shifted gears drastically.  Most importantly, it changed while no one was really paying attention.

“The media’s the most powerful entity on Earth.  They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power.  Because they control the minds of the masses.”   –  Malcolm X

So, how did it change, and why? That’s the 19-trillion-dollar question now, isn’t it? An even bigger question is, can the media collectively return to its glory days roots, and once again become a pillar of truth and objectivity? Or is it “too far gone?” I kind of think it’s too far gone, past the point of no return, insofar as what currently passes as “media giants.” Consequently, that, coupled with the Internet and technology has given rise to fringe media, bent on truth. Many are cropping up and drawing more and more audiences, because people who are critical thinkers are tired of the bullshit and, like me, refuse to listen to it.

I thought at one point after the election that there was a significant opportunity for “main stream media” to either shit or get off the pot – fully embrace 7092239226134bf896388de0f4377c4b--media-bias-liberal-logicthe sewer, or return to objectivity and truthful reporting. They obviously chose the sewer. I no longer trust nor take at face value anything the media prints or broadcasts – especially when it comes from “anonymous sources.” That is a crock of shit, these anonymous sources. It’s nothing but a ploy the media uses to print whatever the fuck they want, whether it’s true or not, or whether it’s real or totally fabricated. Thus, the American people can no longer believe nor trust that journalists are the bastion of objective integrity they used to be. There is so much libel, slander, and biased content being produced that I now view most journalists – especially those at the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN – in the same category as the Weekly World News and the National Enquirer. They’ve all become tabloids for left-wing propaganda instead of outrageous alien encounters and secret love children. Everything they report is either made up, deliberately misconstrued, or laced with so much personal opinion it’s a joke to call it “news.” All of it supports a clearly obvious extreme progressive-left agenda. Media reporting is no longer rooted in fact, but rather a cacophony of personal opinions that has creeped past the editorial page and into every byline.

So let’s revisit the definitions of libel and slander, shall we? Because, where the occurrence either of these two things in the past meant curtains for a publication or a journalist, today it’s so prevalent, prolific, and obvious that it’s become a genre. It’s all the public is being fed at large – slanderous, libelous opinions – not news. The inherent danger is that it’s delivered as “news.”

  1. 1. LAW
    the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.
    “he is suing the TV network for slander”
1.1 make false and damaging statements about (someone).
“they were accused of slandering the head of state”

synonyms:  defame (someone’s character), blacken someone’s name, tell lies about, speak ill/evil of, sully someone’s reputation, libel, smear, cast aspersions on, spread scandal about, besmirch, tarnish, taint; 


1. 1.LAW
a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.


1. 1. LAW
defame (someone) by publishing a libel.
“she alleged the magazine had libeled her”

synonyms: defame, malign, slander, blacken someone’s name, sully someone’s reputation, speak ill/evil of, traduce, smear, cast aspersions on, drag someone’s name through the mud, besmirch, tarnish, taint, tell lies about, stain, impugn someone’s character/integrity, vilify, denigrate, disparage, run down, stigmatize, discredit, slur;

Remember these definitions and keep them at the back of your mind the next time you read The New York Times, the Washington Post, or watch CNN or MSNBC, and see or hear a statement from another “anonymous source.” This happens constantly – especially with every misconstrued, misrepresented, and out-of-context comment by the President, his staff, and those who support true conservatism.

61e2a33bcd8fce5c78f45c6ae281cf22--war-quotes-media-biasWhy did it change?

Back to the question as to why it changed. This is an opinion piece, so whether my “Why” matches your “Why,” or even the real “Why,” is not the point. The real “Why” is as top secret as why JFK was assassinated, but I have a theory on why he was assassinated. We will never, ever know the real “Why,” and never the real “Who,” in either case – JFK nor the media’s corruption.

Before getting into it, some ground rules . . 

The point here is to share what I, as a middle-class, professional, heterosexual white female with a degree in journalism – who began her career as a reporter 22 years ago – has observed. I’m still entitled to share my opinion in this country, and will do so without apology until I draw my last breath. I will not apologize if the forward, unguarded nature of my personal opinion offends you. Your offense is not mine to protect. If you’re offended by a good old-fashioned honest opinion, you should look internally at why it causes you offense. That’s what grownups do. At least, that’s what they used to do. I can offer you a tissue, a binky, and a lovey, as well as recommend a good therapist, too – let me know how I can help. I will not help by censoring. Retreat to your safe space if you have one. Whatever I can do to help you cope, because I’m a decent human being who has an opinion (shocking, I know), even if it’s not the same as yours. That’s still ok, you know. I’m mature enough to have a conversation without resorting to shut down tactics, like, “I’m SO offended!” to avoid anything that challenges me to think critically, or that may even challenge my beliefs. Disagreements are welcome, but only if you disagree without defaulting to sophomoric insults on my character, or vast identity labels because you can’t possibly comprehend that someone can separate moral values from political preferences. If you can be a grown-up, then by all means, be one. If you can’t, kindly step away from the keyboard.

With that, let us begin with my personal opinion on media corruption . . .


Why has the media lost its moral compass?

The only answer I can logically come up with to this question is Money. Whether the temptation of money from sensationalism, from spin, or from a source or party seeking to perpetuate a narrative, it’s all about the all powerful dollar. And power itself, too – because with quote-the-press-is-the-hired-agent-of-a-monied-system-and-set-up-for-no-other-purpose-than-to-tell-lies-henry-adams-998power comes money.

All it took was one. One unscrupulous media decision-maker, or one unscrupulous power hungry manipulative bazillionaire to start an avalanche, a chain-reaction, of bogus protests and bazillions of dollars to own the narrative and accelerate a competition for eyeballs, because eyeballs mean more dollars.  And inflammation of instability drives even more chaos by gullible people who are uncertain of the future and who will resort to violence, whether on their own volition or are financed to do so.  The media at large has betrayed the profession, the public, and themselves with the dangerous route down which it has traveled. Printing or broadcasting false information isn’t even considered a problem anymore – because whether it’s true or false, sensation adds up to dollars and more inflammation. They care not that they are driving a large segment of people to the wrong conclusions – wrong conclusions that destroy lives, perpetuate libel, slander, and character assassination, and conclusions that even result in violence and death.  Instead of issuing corrections, or apologizing for falsifying (whether intentional or unintentional), or updating with the real facts, they just “go with it.”  That should be the media industry’s brand positioning: “Not Wrong, Just Positively Inaccurate. The Freedom of Interpretation.” Reporters and journalists no longer work tirelessly to validate both sides of a story.  They no longer validate or confirm statements from third party sources.  If it fits the strategic narrative they’ve been compensated to deliver, they fundamentally ignore the other side of the story.  And there’s always another side to a story.

 “When one side only of a story is heard and often repeated, the human mind becomes impressed with it insensibly.”

– George Washington (1789-1797)

Getting the other side of the story is no longer a requirement- it’s optional. In the past, in journalism’s heyday, if a reporter opted to only tell part of the story, managing editors would take their jobs and dismiss for insubordination and failing to do the job correctly. Not only that, but even the public – the readers, viewers, etc. – no longer seek out other means of opinion. If it reports what they think, or what their friends think, or what they want to believe, that’s good enough. Rational and critical thinking is so absent that it’s evolved into automatic belief of everything they hear or read. There’s no thought to question whether there’s an opposing account. There’s no critical thinking, only absorption and perpetuation of muck.critical-thinking

Countless writers, thinkers, philosophers, and investigators have been ruined and tainted by the narrative to which they’ve been told to adhere. They’ve betrayed their readers, the profession, and they’ve betrayed the very reason such importance was placed on the media in our history that earned them legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The press has betrayed the very reason they enjoy such freedoms as they do.  They’ve spit in the proverbial face of their constitutional federal republic .  Shit on it, as a matter of fact.

The media has betrayed the trust that was bestowed upon them by the constitution, our Founding Fathers, and its citizens; they’ve taken sinister advantage of that trust, and they have misled millions upon millions domestically and worldwide that the United States is on the brink of disaster at best. By now, it probably is.

Is this really the story we want the rest of the world to believe? Because if it is, the media has laid open the opportunity for catastrophic attacks from bad actors; if we are vulnerable; if we are fighting amongst ourselves; and if we are perceived to be weak – then we aren’t paying attention to the amassing army of White Walkers outside our gates.

8dd5e210c5bf2fcd798bab0e1abbb05aThere is one thing, and one thing only that you can count on from the media: they lie, and lie, and lie some more, and they lie constantly. They manipulate the masses into believing that the narrative, direction, and story they are selling is fact. They report half-truths, and ignore and avoid stories that don’t fit the narrative, all the while lacing with clearly biased personal opinion.

If you say something enough times, you begin to believe it, and conviction is a powerful, powerful persuader. It’s the same strategy Hillary Clinton uses regarding her use of an unauthorized, unsecured server, which Obama knew about. When one believes in their own story and their narrative with such forthright conviction (“I did not send or receive classified information on my email.“), others can’t help but believe it, too. And the more they hear it, the more fact it becomes. I suggest you read George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four if you haven’t. If you have, but not recently, read it again. The first couple chapters are hard to get through, but stick with it. It’s important because we are living it – right down to erasing and changing the truth of history. Orwell was just a few decades off. (Orwell wrote the book in 1948, and it’s what he imagined 1984 would be like for the world based upon what was happening then).

Because money from our elected leaders and manipulative bazillionaires – a lot of it

I believe that the political leaders of the past 10 years or so, together with corrupt 1%-ers, are responsible for this large-scale degradation of the media, the deliberate wedge between races, and the attack on business and industry.  Although I think it’s been a slow machination since the 40s and 50s, the past 10 years’ technology advancement and political relationships have accelerated it.  And every president up until now was either benefiting from it, or turning the other cheek (Except for Kennedy, I think – this is why I believe he was assassinated, as well as the attempt on Reagan. I believe they both knew it, and were going to expose it.).  When you have all the money in the world, and you’re in a position of power and/or politics, no amount is too large to pay for leveraging the most powerful tool available to shape reality and drive a narrative. This is exactly what’s transpired right before our eyes, and as an American you should be enraged by it, regardless of which side of the spectrum of politics you’re on.913fcb0ac025165df9fd5f6dfbd47253--truth-news-stupid-liberals

The media was established to inform the citizens of what was happening, objectively – the good, bad, and the ugly – with our liberties by legislators.  The media was supposed to be on OUR side, exposing the corruption.  Instead, they’ve partnered with government insiders to manipulate – the media is nothing now but a tool to cover up the corruption instead of expose it.

The media is bought and paid for by a corrupt cartel of that other entity we were supposed to trust the most – our elected leaders – to keep us safe and do that which our votes have directed. We pay for that safety and our freedoms in the form of taxes, and they used our only leverage – our tax dollars – against us. Our elected officials, in whose hands we’ve placed our trust, have manipulated the one source of “checks” – the media – to craft a narrative that has turned us against each other. In doing so, the media has set fire to the journalism ethics and standards  to which they’d adhered since the “freedom of the press” was enacted in the First Amendment of the Constitution in 1791. In fact, media ethics  as a whole is clearly no longer regarded. It has been abandoned for the sake of benefiting a single side of a broken political party system – carefully crafting what that party wants you to believe – and not what is true. The media is entirely focused on covering up what’s really happening, while ignoring, washing out, or falsifying any actual good being done.


Not only that, it has perpetuated a story and image of the President that is categorically false. He has been slandered, libeled, defamed, and his character assassinated in epic proportions. In doing so, the media has driven many, many people into reacting foolishly, dangerously, and recklessly based upon a wholly fabricated narrative.  A narrative that a specific political party, and the establishment arm of the other, wants you to believe.  This is not the media acting in accordance with freedom of the press; nor is it fair, truthful, and objective reporting.  W This is not the media acting in accordance with freedom of the press; nor is it fair, truthful, and objective reporting. What this is, is propaganda.

Propaganda has been used for centuries by oppressed communist and dictatorship countries to keep the citizens entirely dependent upon the government ruling their lives. And now, the Democratic Party and establishment Republicans are using freedom of the press against us, working to sow a false narrative that will prevent our President from achieving what the country put him there to achieve. Let me tell you something, in case you haven’t yet made the connection: if President Trump fails, America fails. If America fails, YOU fail, as well as everything and everyone you love.

Putting a face on failure

Screenshot_20170916-094247What does that failure look like?  I’ll tell you what it looks like: Socialism.  The climate change debate was the first control – and government sanctioned healthcare is the second.  Obamacare was designed to fail. Why? Because Hillary was supposed to win, and had she done so, Obamacare’s failure would hand Hillary the keys to drive home single payer, universal healthcare.  Universal healthcare facilitated by the government is a major impetus for establishing socialism.  And that’s what the progressive left wants.  They want control of you, your money, and they don’t want you to be dependent upon anyone but government resources.  Self-suffiency, freedom of choice, and liberty to be, and do, anything you want – to control your own destiny –  was the hallmark of America and the reason so many have died for her, and the reason so many want to come here.  Give the liberals an inch, and they will take 10 miles closer to socialism.
Sadly, today’s immigrants are not coming here to make their own way; the notion of the American Dream of doing and achieving anything you want has been replaced by the Democratic strategy to government fund everything and offer it for “free” – welfare, food stamps, health care, education, you name it – funded on the backs of everyone who came here, and born here, who worked hard to be successful. They’ll take more and more of our own hard-earned incomes, little by little, and dole it out to people who have no aspirations other than to live for free, have an iPhone, Xbox, and big screen TV to watch Netflix and Hulu, earning a little on the side playing lottery tickets and fantasy football.
What will happen if we allow universal, single payer health care, and slip closer to socialism?  What does socialism look like?  Well, the true freedom we once knew as Americans will be gone.  The extreme left is fighting to abolish it.  And I’m not even sure supporters of such cock and bull realize they’re being manipulated and used to bring it about.  The Left wants total and complete power over every single American, and much more so, every single immigrant beholden to the party.  They want us all to be dependent and beholden to them to “take care of us.” That means zero opportunity to improve your situation, no matter how hard you try.  That means universal health care where the government decides whether you receive a treatment, a medication, a surgery – not your doctor.  Even further, they decide which doctors you will see. The government decides how much income you get, which limits the type of home you can live in (forget about buying one because you can never earn more because they’ll take more), and even where you can afford to live (universal basic income). And with limited income, you won’t be able to afford much in terms of a vehicle.  If you’re one of the ones on the left gnawing and gnashing teeth for this, this is what you are fighting for.  I can’t imagine a worse existence than to live entirely under government control.  You’re fighting to make America precisely like the countries others are fleeing. You’re fighting to make America the next North Korea.  Or the next Cuba. Or Even the next Canada, where if you make $100k a year, your federal tax liability is 50%.  Go ahead, ask a Cuban why he fled Cuba.

The fight not worth fighting50-best-presidential-quotes-time-68572-768x768

You’re fighting to abolish free speech. You’re fighting to abolish freedom of choice. You’re fighting to abolish the ability to do and be anything you want by working hard and gaining experience. You’re fighting to abolish opportunity. You’re fighting to abolish truth. You’re fighting to give all the power and money to those who will use it against you, and everyone else, and despite what you’ve been brainwashed into thinking, they will NOT share it. You are fighting to enable the government to rule you. You are fighting to give all the privilege, wealth, and prosperity only to those who will use it for their own gain, and with it, they will control you, and keep it from you. You are fighting for the government to take everything from you, and only dole it out as they see fit. No more choice. No more hope of a better future. No more possibility. No more truth. No more transparency. Only – existence. Only existence, no growth. No more opportunity. No more freedom to change your circumstances. I weep for it, and I hate the media and politicians for what they’ve done.

This is the reality of what you’re fighting for. You’re fighting to destroy the very reason this country was founded to begin with; the very reason so many try to come here, because they can and want to make their own way. And the media is in on it, intentionally whipping you into a dangerous frenzy, to fight to have everything you have taken, and rationed. And I hate it.


Real talk

The government and the media are fueling this and making you believe it’s “better.” The only people it’s “better” for are the ones in DC calling the shots. There’s a reason D.C, and everyone in it are the wealthiest people in America. Every Senator and Congressman is a millionaire – I’ve been making a $100k salary for 10 years, and still making it by the skin of my teeth. How are they so prosperous on a $174k per year salary? Because they are fe24790ee74c1cd30ff246d4e9a6dd87--the-electoral-college-george-orwellbuying and selling privilege, preference, and laws that go against the American people – with our tax dollars. And They are accepting bribes from wealthy organizations and people to sling laws and regulations that benefit an organization or individual, but that does significant damage to American citizens. They don’t care about you – they want power over you, and they have manipulated you into wanting to give them that power over you. But it’s not better. It won’t be better. And once we go there, all of our lives are over, and there’s no turning back. The futures of our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are decided, and they will have a life that will not be their own – it will be directed, it will be dictated, it will be rationed. All because you are believing, fighting for, and destroying, all for the sake of a big gigantic lie. And I hate what is happening.

You know that neighborhood in Edward Scissorhands, where every house is the same, the only choice was color, and every car similar (a 2-door or 4-door sedan, choice of color), and everyone leaves for work at the same time and get home at the same time? And all the clothes are the same, except for color? That. That’s what you’re fighting for. That’s what socialism looks like, except Edward Scissorhand’s neighborhood would look like Cuba’s neighborhoods. Socialism or Communism is not about equality and fairness, and lifting people out of poverty, despite what that dumb-ass Chris Cuomo on CNN says, starting with the clip at 3:08. He’s either been brainwashed into believing a lie, or he’s dumb enough to actually believe that Communism is about lifting people up. Again, I challenge you to ask a Cuban why he fled Cuba. This is what you are fighting for America to become, and I hate it.

You are fighting to bring about the false utopia that is the setting of George Orwell’s “1984.” You are fighting to bring the ugly reality that Cubans flee from, to the country they believe represents hope. And I hate all of it.

Wake the fuck up. Before it’s too late.

“In the history of mankind many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state.”

– Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909)


I’m offended by your intolerance, your bigotry, and the protesting sissies who didn’t get their way.

I wonder if anyone else has the same questions I do.
  • What happened to the America where acceptance and tolerance was actually practiced, when bigotry was almost non-existent because of our right to free speech?
  • When did bigotry take over our attitudes and conversations?
  • And at what point did it be come expected that we should be tolerant of bigotry?
Some people may think a “bigot” has to do with race, along the lines of racism.  But the two can be mutually exclusive. One can be a bigot without being a racist, but I doubt that we could find many racists who are not also bigots.
The actual definition of “bigot” from the dictionary says:
  1. a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.
  2. a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially :  one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance
Back in the day, if someone offended you, you kept that little personal fact to yourself, because it was only *your* business if something offended you, unless they directly insulted you.  What grown-ups do is think through why something offended them, and enter into self examination to uncover the potential reason – then do something about it. But that takes courage, something that clearly the majority of this country lacks. I learned a long time ago it’s easier to accept, respect, and appreciate differences. I rarely scream about being offended even when I am. So here is my list of what offends me as a white, middle class, middle aged, college-educated, conservative woman who’s been accused of being plenty of “-ists” and “-obes”:qqkba
  • I’m offended by the intolerance of any religion that’s not Islam. By the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  Does that offend you? Yes, of course it does – because only a bigot can be offended by something considered a friendly greeting and well-wish.  I don’t get offended when someone wishes me Happy Hanukkah, I thank them and wish it back.
  • I’m offended by the intolerance of exercising our right to free speech.  I’m even further offended – and severely disturbed – by the disdain many have toward the first amendment, demonizing anyone who practices it.
  • I’m offended by the fact that college kids are such sheltered, protected, indoctrinated sissies that they have to establish safe places.  You want a safe place? Lock yourself in mommy’s basement and spare us from your angst. And now they can’t go to class because they can’t cope with Trump’s victory. Give me a break. I’m offended by the fact that these sissies will be running things when I’m back in diapers. I’ll probably be the 98-year-old grandma imprisoned for saying something offensive, because that’s the direction this country is headed.  George Orwell had it right – he was just a few decades off.
  • I’m offended by the left-wing indoctrination of our children by teachers, professors, and administrators in our schools and universities.
  • I’m offended by the lack of tolerance for others’ ideas or opinions – the rampant bigotry and lack of respect offends me greatly.
  • I’m offended by the lack of initiative to educate oneself by digging into to supporting evidence for each side of the argument. Case in point, I’ll bet the number of liberals who watched “Hillary’s America” is remarkably small.  If you are a Democrat, you might want to watch it to understand what the party is really about, and the hidden history of its founding.
  • I’m offended by the fact that liberals assume that conservatives support 100% of everything that the Republican or right-wing party stands for.  Guess what – we don’t.  Just like you don’t on the Democratic side.
  • I’m offended by the attacks from proponents on the left for opinions that are on the right, attacks on character, assumptions about beliefs, stereotyping and lumping people into broad categories  because of their beliefs, opinions, or positions. 62ae0f22d972e62c2adf82431326b4cb712ba37ffa72cd3b481f65b9ff8fe837
    • Here are a few examples of what I mean by this
      • You’re a Christian? You a member of Westboro Baptist Church?
      • You voted for Trump? You must be a racist, sexist, xenophobe, and you don’t deserve the air you breathe. In fact, just kill yourself right now, please.
      • You support border security? You must be a racist.
      • You don’t like Hillary Clinton?  It can’t be because of the deplorable crimes she’s committed, so you must be a misogynist.
      • You didn’t vote for Hillary?  You must be a sexist misogynist.
      • You believe the government is corrupt? You must be a conspiracy theorist who believes everything Alex Jones says.
    • This is the same limited thinking and false assumptions as:
    • All Mexicans are illegals (they are not)
    • All African Americans are criminals (they are not)
    • All Muslims are terrorists (they are not)
    • All politicians are corrupt (they are not)
    • All white people are racist (they are not)
    • All police are racist and violent (they are not)
    • People who own guns only want to shoot people. (really.)
Thfullsizerender-213-300x209e rampant assumption that, based upon one person’s position or opinion, they deserve being lumped-in with the worst of the worst of American segments is a testament to the mental and cultural illness in this country concocted, promoted, and facilitated by the left. A sickness and a fear that has run rampant thanks to the establishment media, and the echo chamber leftists have created for themselves by only designing their social feeds and media sources to only expose them to the information that supports their way of thinking. You’ve placed yourself in a vacuum, refusing to broaden your horizons and effectively closed your mind to anything that may differ from what *you* think is the “right” way to believe or think.  And although you are quick to tout your own opinions and views, you practically demonize those who vary from those views, whether slightly or extremely, all the while accusing your “opponent” of being the intolerant one.  You are a bigot, and you expect us to be tolerant of your bigotry.  What you also are is a bona-fide hypocrite.  You’ve done yourself a grave disservice, fashioning for yourself your own little bubble – your own little liberal “safe space.”

Click to watch Jonathan Pie explain how and why Trump got elected, and why I wrote this post. I actually wrote it before I saw this video this morning.

The establishment media and establishment politicians have painted Trump as a racist, misogynist, a sexist, xenophobe, and every other “ist” and “obe” you can imagine.  How about considering that he might be a Real-IST?  Just because he wants to secure the border doesn’t make him a racist. Just because he wants to ensure that anyone coming from war-torn, terrorist-sponsoring countries are not actual terrorists doesn’t make him a racist, nor does it make him a xenophobe.  If wanting to prevent people who come here from anywhere with the sole purpose to kill or convert you, me, and anyone else makes me a xenophobe, then so be it. Fine. I’m a fucking xenophobe because I don’t want a Syrian, Asian, Russian, Mexican, Canadian, Italian, Saudi, Iraqi, Iranian, nor Martian that wants to kill me to get into my country.  Ironically, if it’s an American that goes nuclear that I don’t want coming to kill me, that’s just natural, not xenophobic.  I’ll let you in on a secret – I don’t want killers roaming the streets of my country regardless of where they’re from. Period. I do not fear nor dislike foreign peoples, which is the definition of a xenophobe  – in fact, I find them rather delightful. But if I express concern about Syrian refugees being infiltrated by terrorists to get into our country, it makes me a xenophobe in a leftist’s perspective. So see, you can’t win with the left, because they place emphasis on the wrong aspect of the fear: they berate  on the source of my fear (Syrian refugees), rather than my fear of what could happen – terrorists infiltrating refugees so they can conduct terror.

Listen to what Trump is saying, watch his speeches, his videos.  He may have had racist opinions and even actions in his younger years, because he grew up in an era when it was normal and accepted. He had the good fortune to live in a time to see it come down and true, it is difficult to abolish one’s indoctrinated attitudes to which they were exposed in childhood. But, just like one of my favorite Hillary-supporting trolls pointed out in


Click to watch Clinton’s flip-flops – and I’m not talking about her stylish beach apparel.

defense of Hillary’s 180 degree flipflop on every issue she supports today, people change their positions as they learn and mature.  Keep in mind that Trump was never accused of being racist or sexist until he squared off against the Democrats. And there is widespread forgiveness of Hillary Clinton despite the fact that she has flipped to the opposite spectrum on every issue she now supports.  It’s easy to accept her right to change her mind, but anyone else you can’t muster the same courtesy. That’s a little hypocritical and bigoted, don’t you think?

The extreme panic  exhibited by liberal Democrats, Hillary supporters, and millennials since the election is unwarranted and, frankly, childish. I am appalled by the lack of intestinal fortitude these people have when they don’t get their way.
Give the man a chance.  Lord knows we gave Obama plenty of them.  And we gave Hillary plenty of them, for that matter. But she focused on herself, and herself only.  And she would have continued focusing on herself.  America spoke – no more Clintons, no more Bushes.  I think Trump has the potential to be one of the greatest presidents this country has seen – I’m expecting he will offer the country the compassion, fairness, and equal rights of John F. Kennedy, and the diplomacy and economic smarts of Ronald Reagan.
In the words of Obama to Trump, stop your whining.  It’s what we got, and it’s up to us to speak out against wrongs, accept or abolish policies and people at the ballot box, and make the best of this situation in our own circumstances.  Accept that people will have different views, and it’s OK to disagree – but disagree respectfully, without tearing each other down.  Tearing each other down helps no one, and if there’s one thing we all need is to help each other come to terms with whatever changes are ahead.  I personally think the changes will make a positive impact on the lives of all citizens and guests of our country.  If not, we have an obligation and the power in 2020 to change it. That’s the beauty of America.

I am no longer a republican.

My husband and I are divorcing the Republican party. Given all that has transpired the past few months, and the past week, we have decided that the Republican Party no longer represents our core values and issues in today’s America.  The childish behavior, plotting, scheming, and downright petulance of so-called “establishment” Republicans is the reason. Mitt Romney, the Bushes, McCain, and others is exactly the reason Donald Trump has been selected by WE, THE PEOPLE.  And you have the AUDACITY to try to give us another option. If we had wanted another option, there would be a different frontrunner. 

News flash for the crybabies: Nobody is buying that you want to provide another option in the best interest of the people. I’ll tell you why you want to provide another option: you are terrified of being exposed as the greedy czar you are.

Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump is dangerous. Dangerous?  Dangerous to whom? Certainly not THE PEOPLE. No. I’ll tell you who he’s dangerous for – Trump is dangerous for Hillary Clinton.  Trump is dangerous for Mitt Romney.  Trump is dangerous to every single one of the senators and representatives that have been sucking off the tit of corporate and special interest lobbyists who’ve made them filthy rich with dirty money by buying rules, regulations, laws, decisions, and legislation.  Laws and regulations that directly impact the very lives of everyday Americans just trying to live a decent and comfortable life. Right or wrong, with no regard to consequences, intended nor unintended, decisions are made and passed by senators and congressmen because they’ve been paid off by corporations, activists, and lobbyists. I challenge you to research the net worth of all the senators and congressmen past and present. It’s mind boggling how many of them are millionaires many times over. Now, some of them legitimately owned, ran, and sold successful businesses before running for office, but that’s only a handful. The rest, I ask – where did it come from? How did they get so …. wealthy?  I think you can figure it out.

So, yes, Donald Trump is dangerous. Dangerous to THEM. Dangerous to the government hacks who’ve stolen our country from us. And the fact that the Republicans are trying to scheme a way around Donald Trump, and are willing to hand it to Hillary Clinton in the process, should speak VOLUMES.

Why would the Republicans be willing to lose the White House to Hillary, and endure another four years of Obama-esque executive orders and extreme liberalism? The answer is simple:  at least with Hillary, there will be no threat to their way of life. There will be no exposure of the corruption. It’ll be business as usual, and they can continue tearing down this nation from under the table.  If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you are giving our government officials permission to continue making millions and doing deals at OUR expense. It says you are OK with legal corruption.  That you are OK with our government being bought by corporations. That you are OK with a liar, a cheat, and someone who only cares about her own best interests to the extent that she’ll put national security at risk – leading this country.

The establishment politicians are terrified, because if Trump wins, their way of life ends. And their attempt to run a third party candidate is all the evidence you need. They don’t give a rat’s ass what the PEOPLE want. They only care about their own skin.  They have crawled into a seething bed of iniquity, and are blind with fear that the racket they’ve been running will be revealed, and the truth will come out. Our country is no longer run by the people, nor for the people. Our country is run by a cesspool of extortionists, and you are about to put the worst extortionist, or rather, the best – in the White House. You can count on more corruption, a worse economy, and legislation failures that only hurt Americans if you put Hillary Clinton in the White House. You are giving permission to the ones we hired to DEFEND our liberties to continue to rape us of them.

What happened to By the People? I wasn’t a Trump advocate, and I didn’t vote for him in our primary.  But the American people have spoken. They are speaking for Trump; they are speaking for Sanders. Yet, both sides of the fence cannot come to grips with the fact that Americans are FED UP with the Fed. 

Our country’s “leaders” don’t like what we’ve chosen. So I’ll speak directly to our country’s so-called leaders now: You were put into office by US. You work for US. In fact, 28% of my paycheck goes to YOU to facilitate a government OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, and most importantly,  FOR the PEOPLE. In the real world, if we don’t like what our bosses are doing, or if we don’t like the new boss who’s been hired, we leave. We quit. We find another job. Or we suck it up and make it work. You have a choice – get behind and support what your bosses have directed, or GTFO.  

So, no. I no longer consider myself a Republican. Because the Republicans no longer fight for what they once stood for – smaller government of the people, for the people, and by the people.  Congratulations to Mitt Romney for being the one to expose that fact, and for being the poster child of everything that’s wrong with our government. I knew you had it in you, Mitt. 


Declaration of Americanism.

According to the “liberal” mindset, I should be automatically ashamed because I was born white. Forget the fact that I was born with the wrong equipment, as there is still a considerable amount of discrimination in the workplace against women. I don’t give a rat’s fuck what you say, there is. I’ve experienced it. And fuck you if you try to challenge me on it. If you’re not a woman, you have no argument.


Well, I’m not ashamed that I was born white. And whether or not I am subject to this supposed “white privilege” that you believe still exists, I submit to you I am at equal disadvantage because there is no such thing as “female privilege.” Fuck your white privileged, self-imposed guilt. You don’t know shit until you have lived with a vagina. Game changes, motherfucker. Game. Changes.  So I am not going to hang my head in shame just because I was born with the same skin color as those born in an entirely different CENTURY who actually oppressed and discriminated against non-caucasions. It wasn’t my personal doing, and it’s not the way I live my life.

So why should I go through life being apologetic and ashamed of my skin color? Does it do me, or anyone else, any good? Does it change anything? No. It doesn’t.  We all have enough to be ashamed about – such as our choices and our words – that is within our personal realm of control. There is no need to pile on additional shame for those things that are out of our control, such as skin color or the choices made by history prior to our own existence. I refuse to succumb to that liberal mindset.

I do not believe, for one second, that my skin color has contributed to my personal success. What has contributed, however, is hard work, and witnessing my mother work herself to the bone to provide for her daughter and son. This is the legacy and work ethic I grew up with.

My Mom was a real estate agent in a small town. In the 80s and 90s, real estate in a town of only 20k was either feast or famine. She put my brother and I through college, paying the bills as they came, without financial aid loans. I received one $800 Pell Grant my first semester, but after that, Mom managed to send checks to the University when tuition was due. I did my part, having a part time job from the time I stepped on campus. I got my first credit card to help pay expenses, and tried to cover as much as possible on my own before asking Mom for money, because I knew it was a struggle.

I got through college as fast as I could so that I didn’t have to be a financial burden to Mom longer than necessary. I graduated in 3 1/2 years cum laude, and had my first “real” job within 1 month of graduation. I’ve been on my own ever since.

Therefore, it greatly offends me that some attribute my success to my skin color.  Bullshit.  My own success is due to the fact that I’ve worked my ass off, and I’ve listened to those who had been there before. I haven’t marched through life waiting for handouts due to my “white privilege.” I was raised under the mantra, “If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will.”  Perhaps that’s a lesson every person should learn, apply, and live by. This lesson sees no color, no ethnicity, no race.  Not in the United States.  Now, I am not saying that racial discrimination does not exist – what I am saying is that it’s bullshit for you to assume that I have succeeded solely *because* of my skin color. I take great offense to that, because you have no clue about the struggles, choices, and sacrifices I’ve made to ensure my needs are met without handouts.

So this brings us to the blame game. Everybody is blaming some thing or some law or some history as the “reason” that bad things, or even good things, happen. These are not “reasons.” These are excuses. Excuses because nobody wants to take responsibility for their own actions.  Our generation’s legacy will be the generation of blame. The “Because” generation. The biggest issue with our society today is the lack of personal accountability.

We blame the laws. Blame lack of laws. Blame guns. Blame religion. Blame democrats. Blame republicans. Blame police. Blame the corporations. Blame men. Blame women. Blame friends. Blame family. Blame race. Blame ethnicity. Blame nationality. Blame childhood. Blame drugs. Blame medication. Blame your husband. Blame your wife. Blame your mom. Blame your dad. Blame God. Blame the lack of God. Blame churches. Blame family breakdown. Blame abuse. Blame disease.  Blame prison. Blame jobs. Blame lack of jobs. Blame Christmas. Blame Jews. Blame Christians. Blame atheists. Blame the environment. Blame technology. Blame progress. Blame money. Blame taxes.  Blame entitlements. Blame Fox News. Blame liberal media. Blame a flag. Blame a symbol. Blame history. Blame heritage. Blame Obama. Blame Bush. Blame Khadafi. Blame Castro. Blame the Ayatolla. Blame the Pope.  The list goes on – it’s always someone else’s fault.

Point out personal accountability, and you’re labeled . . . Whether the label is racist.  Conservative. Zealot. Terrorist. Bigot. Hater. Chauvinist. Supremacist. Again, the list goes on, terms that most users of those terms aren’t even using in the right context.

Blaming will not solve any problems. More government will not solve any problems. More laws will not solve any problems. Labeling will not solve any problems.

Taking responsibility for your own actions, your own consequences, and your own outcome, will. So if you decide to shoot up an elementary school, a church, a post office, or a place of business, blame yourself, not your mommy or your daddy or your race or your religion or your country. *You* made that decision. Not the gun, not the government, not the church, not your job, not your parents. You did. Own it. It’s yours.  We all have the gift of free will. Use it for good or evil – that’s your choice.

The fundamental issue is that our generation doesn’t hold anyone accountable for their choices, which becomes a breeding ground for helter skelter.

I am a white American woman. I own my outcome. I own my choices. And yes, I am proud to be an American.

Why Roller Derby Is Exactly the Thing a Middle-Aged Working Mother Needs.

Let’s face it: 40 years old, married, with an elementary school kid and a full-time career. Not just a job, a career. What business does such a person have jacking around with a dangerous, highly aggressive, grueling sport like roller derby where the women are almost half my age? I know of at least one person in my life, the one who claimed to carry the “BFF” title, thinks I have no fucking business with it. So, this is kind of a vent session, because the more I think about her desertion, and forfeiture of our relationship (she just ignores me), I have come to realize that it isn’t me: She overtly disagrees with, and is possibly very jealous of, the choice and dedication I’ve made in roller derby as my hobby. Therefore, I thought I would just get it out, and set the record straight for anyone who does – or does not – know me and the struggles I’ve had.

So, here are the top reasons roller derby is “just the thing” a middle-aged working mother needs.

Identity. Ok, call it a midlife crisis or whatever – feel free to use that label if you dare – but a couple years ago I reached a point in my life where I asked my husband, and the universe, “Is this IT? Is there nothing for me to look forward to? Nothing for me to get excited about? I work, I come home, we take care of our daughter, then do it all over again? Who am I, really?” My only descriptors of me as an individual were his wife, her mother, and a marketing person. I spent every day waiting for something great, something better, to happen to me. I was uncomfortable in my own skin because I didn’t feel like I was unique in any way. I sucked at making shit, I can’t draw or play an instrument, I don’t sing, and writing wasn’t something that really revved my engine. I’m pretty good at photography, but again, not something I craved to do all the time. And I hate running. When I heard about roller derby and saw it for the first time, it’s like I woke the fuck up. Whoa! I skated as a kid, so it wasn’t a new skill for me. And I still had my skates. Finally! Something new to try, something I knew I could do, something I lived for as a kid – skating. Now, I’m still all those things, wife, mother, career woman, but now add to that roller girl. Er, woman. And athlete.

Fitness and health. Mentally and physically. I never imagined that anyone, much less me, would refer to me as an athlete. I’ve been in the best shape of my life these past two years and it’s GREAT. I feel so much better about myself, and what I look like, and how I feel, that I actually WANT to do more and I want to fuel my machine with good food. I was on a path of drinking too much, smoking too much, eating like crap, over weight (by my standards – 160 lbs on a 5’9″ frame) and sedentary, in constant pain, and falling into a depressed state that was painfully obvious. Nothing made me happy. I didn’t even look forward to vacations, or Christmas, or anything. Many thought my marriage wouldn’t last another year. Roller derby saved my life, and my marriage.

Self confidence. Roller derby is not just physically taxing. It’s also mentally taxing – and I have had anxiety attacks during practice. But for every anxiety attack and every doubt I have of myself, my resolve gets stronger. It’s made me a better employee, a better mother, a better wife, a better team mate. Too bad that BFF isn’t around to share in my successes. I’m pretty fucking awesome now.

Setting an example of determination, and never giving up. Four. Four times I’ve gone through the “fresh meat” probationary training period for an elite banked track league. I’m within three weeks of the final evaluation I’ll do a fourth time. The fact that I’m toughing it out a fourth time is setting an example for my very impressionable 7-year-old daughter: never give up, keep practicing, and it takes hard work to achieve your dreams and goals. Plus, the admiration and support of my husband is priceless. He’s my biggest fan, and is there setting me straight when the brain boogers try to tear me down. He’s my eternal rock, and my eternal mental coach.

A community of people who won’t give up on me. This – the anthropology of it all – is the crowning jewel. People I barely know care about what I’m doing, what happens to me, and are there to congratulate and celebrate my successes, and pick me back up when I’m down. You know, kind of like a BFF, but I have 30 of them. And they make me smile Every. Single. Day.

So there you go. Those are the most important reasons why, as a middle-aged working mother, I have all the fucking business in the world to think I can do roller derby. In this community, I’m ageless. And I belong.

Why Breaking My Ankle Was Possibly a Good Thing

I broke my fucking ankle last week.  When it happened, I didn’t think I’d actually broken it but went to the doc-in-the-box just to be sure.  Yep, broken.  Luckily, it wasn’t a “bad break,” specifically a “distal fibular fracture.”  Which means, no surgery, and it should heal up just fine.  I basically pouted as they wheeled me out to my car from the skating center, more pissed off than in pain because I knew that derby would have to wait for a couple months.  I’ve never broken a bone before, and I thought I would be devastated when it happened.  Surprisingly, it’s turned out to be quite an eye-opener for me.  So, I thought I would share the top 10 positive things this experience has done for me.
10. Overcoming a fear. Next to childbirth, a broken bone was near the top of my Most Feared List.  It may have been the bone I broke, but it wasn’t near as excruciating as I assumed it would be. Yes, it hurts, but way less than childbirth but more than a derby bruise.  It’s been a bigger pain in the ass than a pain in the ankle.
9. Patience. Well, I can’t get from point A to point B as fast as I could, and I can’t do as much, like clean up the house, as quickly and easily as I could. Thus, it has taught me patience through lack of haste and being unable to do much about the house or laundry. I have to be OK with it just being a disaster for now. Nobody ever went to hell or death row for stuff being out of place or a little dirty for a little while.  I’m being patient and remaining objective that there’s only so much I can do, and not letting the fact that things aren’t perfect get to me and make me bitchy.  I’m sure it will rear its ugly head at some point, but for now, I’m trying not to sweat the small stuff. 
8. Appreciate my upper body strength. If I hadn’t already been fairly strong in my upper body, getting up and down the stairs and toting my body weight around would have been much worse than the broken bone itself.
7.  Pack Mule-ery.  Figuring out how to carry shit upstairs, downstairs, to meetings, etc., has never been more mentally challenging. I have discovered I can carry my cell phone, notebook, laptop, food, purse, backpack, kid’s shoes, stuffed animals, and a fountain drink up the stairs in one haul on crutches. Barefoot. On ice.
6.  Down time. I don’t think I realized it, but I needed some derby-down-time.  I had been physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing myself for want of official derbydom for 2 1/2 years that I didn’t realize that I needed to take a break to appreciate it again. I’m looking forward to getting back on my skates in a few weeks in the beautiful late spring/early summer weather.
5. Making the right decision.  I was facing a decision whether to try out for the banked track league again, a fourth time, or wait it out and stick with flat a while until the fall banked track tryout.  I was going to decide, literally, the day before. Well, fate made the decision for me, and I was surprised when I found myself totally OK with that.  A year ago I would have bottomed out emotionally because this broken ankle (I actually felt I wouldn’t be able to take it if I injured something and couldn’t continue, like I’ve witnessed so many before me), because I was so anxious to “make it” into the league.  However, I have found that I feel renewed and quite ok that the decision was taken out of my control. I believe everything happens for a reason. For example, I’ve heard things are getting more dangerous in the league, with more major injuries than ever before. So maybe the class they take this weekend will change that, and fall will be a better experience for me. We shall see. 
4. Love for skating.  I want to skate really, really bad, so I miss it. A lot – and it’s only been a week. So this experience has made me thankful that I have a physically taxing activity that I love so much, that keeps me in shape, and relieves my stress all at the same time. Therefore, I have a lot of awesome shit to look forward to in a couple months.  Although a little scared, I can’t wait for the day I get the all-clear and can put on my Riedell’s again.
3.  My skates need adjusting.  I have mentioned to people several times that I was falling backward – a lot – on these new skates. And they would tell me I’ve just got to get used to them. Mmmkay. Skated on them almost 3 months, and I’m lucky I haven’t broken my tailbone. This time, maybe somebody will heppa sista out and make adjustments that will give me better stability – like, move the plates back some, or get a bigger plate altogether.
2.  Love for my team and my league. I miss the shit out of my start-up, mash-up team, and my compadres in the recreational league B group. That community is so powerful for someone like me, who can be abrasive and sarcastic and aggressive and friendly all at the same time. And they love me for it, and accept me for me. I don’t have to prove anything, just be myself, share, and learn.  I’m getting so much more out than in putting in, it seems.  There are no egos, no judgement.  And that is priceless.
1. Love of the game.  I think we all start this journey because we love skating, and love the idea of community, and love the idea of letting it all hang out. I think very few actually come to this sport for an honest-to-goodness love of the game itself. I’m no different – skate fast, turn left, hit a bitch, don’t fall down. Right? No – I have discovered that you have to genuinely love the game itself, the idea of getting someone cleverly through a pack of bodies, and scoring points, and being a winner. I wasn’t in love with the game when i started; hell, I didn’t even know how to play it. Liking the game is fundamental to your personal success as a derby player. I mean, if you don’t like the game, why play?  I should say breaking my ankle didn’t make me love the game, directly, but having the downtime and not being able to do it has flared a desire to play that I was missing before. More so, what’s made me love the game, too, has been the experience of joining the flat track recreational league, and playing with people who want to teach it. Had I been chosen for the banked league, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. And had I not had the opportunity, I wouldn’t have broken my ankle the way I did – an experience that’s already taught me 10 valuable lessons in and of itself.  

So there it is, folks.  What a difference a few months can make.  I look back on where I was when I started this blog, and the healing I’ve experienced, emotionally, is incredible.  I don’t even know who that person was and, now, I think even with the broken ankle, I’m happier than I have been in many, many years, and I couldn’t be more thankful. 

Executive decisions.

I’ve been on the shit end of executive changes twice in my career. Both times, there’s been a vacancy in the VP of marketing spot when I’ve taken a director role. One was a startup, one was an established company that, unbeknownst to me at the time, has a reputation for a heavily revolving door and suffers a 38% turnover rate.


The first time it happened was at a startup. I was hired to begin marketing programs to drive demand. I brought on a web designer/programmer, and did the paid search, display, and email campaigns myself. I hired a consultant to train an admin on use, reporting, set up, and workflows. I worked very closely with the inside sales managers to give them what they needed, and garnered feedback on lead quality to ensure that the programs we were running were developing quality leads. When I started, I had one lead development associate who qualified the inbound leads from the web and events. Eight months later when the changes to executive leadership were made and the layoff happened (a company of 36 laid off 7, someone in every department), I had driven enough leads to warrant four lead development associates.

I was hired by the founder and CEO, but as the venture company handed over series B funding, the company’s pockets were burning and the investors wanted them to bring in an expensive new CEO, relegating the founder to a “president” status. As was the “new CEO”‘s MO, he decided to hire an an expensive new VP of marketing he relo’d from Boston. So, when the expensive new salaries came into play, I guess Mr. Big Britches VP figured he could do my job himself and “eliminated” my position. After what I had heard about the company blowing through their funding, I can’t say I was all that surprised by the layoff. Additionally, I had come to my own conclusion that the product was more smoke-and-mirrors than tangible, proven results. I had already begun looking around a bit, but had hoped I could do so casually through the end of the year. Not so. It still pulled the rug from beneath me, and then they insult me by telling me I had only one more paycheck coming – so just two weeks “severance.” It was my first time to be in such a situation, and in 2008 at that.

The second time it happened, in 2011, it had everything to do with a “personality conflict” and the tendency of this new guy to clean house (like the other guy) and backfill with “his own people.” He fired my counterpart in marketing communications about 2-3 weeks in, which put me on red alert. Not surprisingly, he backfilled her with someone who had worked with him previously – the proverbial “writing on the wall,” that was. But, because I had a team that really liked me, it took him longer to decide to File-13 me, too. It was really an amicable parting – although I was upset, they did give me severance pay through the end of the year. Granted, it was only 6 weeks, but better than the two weeks I’d gotten before. I found out recently that he did backfill me with, shocker, someone who worked with him before.

I see this as a way for someone who looks good on paper to cover up the fact that he fundamentally sucks at his job. If he can’t lead “strangers” to greatness, he has to cover up that lack of development skill by bringing in trusted compadres, no? Additionally, I knew there was a personality conflict – he accused me of “railroading” people into my ideas. I called this “grasping for straws,” because most of the time I acquiesced to others’ ideas knowing eventually I would have to whip out “told you so” and try mine. I was there to get shit done, not have a kumbaya or coddle or fluff people. I couldn’t make him happy, no matter what. I would deliver what he asked for, but he would tell me it wasn’t. Yet, he also couldn’t tell me why it wasn’t what he wanted. His description of what he wanted matched exactly what I had delivered. All in all, I couldn’t do anything right, and we had a serious communication problem. Once I was out the door, he had the audacity to leave my network on LinkedIn. That about sums it up for the type of person he is.


I have met very few executives who haven’t lost what I call “The People Chip.” You know, that part of your brain that remembers what it’s like to be in the trenches. I ask time and time again how these assholes get into leadership positions – I mean, were they assholes on their way to the top or did the Asshole Chip consume the People Chip when they got there? And then I remember – they likely got to the top because they made no friends on the way there. Me, I like to sleep at night, so I don’t shit on people, steal their ideas and take credit for them, step on them, or throw them under the bus. If that’s what it takes to become a VP, well, then, I guess I’m just not VP material. I’ve met very few executives who are skilled at gaining your trust and respect, because they look out for you, mentor you, go to bat for you. A leader is only a leader because their people believe in them and, thus, follow. Developing people is a lost art, I think primarily because many professionals in the work place these days wasted time sitting in a classroom a few extra years instead of getting real work experience. Then, they arrive on the scene with an MBA and think it’s spelled G-O-D. Most MBAs I’ve met, or worked with (primarily men), are pompous, condescending ass-whipes who wouldn’t know real leadership if it was smeared on their top lip. They’re so oblivious to what real leadership is that they don’t realize an employee’s failure is a direct reflection on him as a manager. Leadership roles are handed to them because they have a couple extra letters after their names, not because they’ve laboriously earned their way, with respect, to the top. I had a boss once who was an MBA, supposedly in marketing, and I recall having to explain to him, on three separate occasions, what an “impression” was with regard to online advertising. The innerwebs had only been around, oh, I don’t know – 20 YEARS.

These experiences have defined who I am, but, most importantly, have taught me a valuable lesson when considering a new job: be very cautious when taking a job where the head of the department for which you’re being considered is vacant. Otherwise, you just might find yourself one of the 12.2 Americans on the government’s payroll when they hire their new savior – likely an MBA who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you, nor your talent.

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